First 1.5 months of United National Movement in power – were not those detainments politically motivated?

First 1.5 months of United National Movement in power – were not those detainments politically motivated?

by George Udzilauri on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 12:06am ·

United National Movement (UNM) and its all time notorious leader – President Saakashvili rings a worldwide alarm – claiming that Georgian Dream and their new government uses prosecution and imprisonment against UNM as methods of political revenge

Georgian Dream government has been in confirmed by the Parliament on October 25th – so they are about 1.5 month in government

Shall we remember what was UNM’s first 1.5 months in power?

Year 2004

Jan 5 – Mikhail Saakashvili wins presidential elections

January 6 (note: Saakashvili is not yet President de jure – he was inaugurated on Jan 20th) – Saakashvili says President Shevardnadze’s family’s property should be investigated (I never promised him what he has acquired illegally, I only promised him physical security – said angry Saakashvili)

Jan 8 – Prosecution announces search on Levan Mamaladze, influential MP of Citizens’ Union ex-ruling party and Governor of Shida Kartli. Tbilisi prosecutor Nodar Grigalashvili said on press conference (where the hell presumption of innocence??): Levan Mamaladze is not an ordinary criminal. He used all his political activities against State interests and illegally acquired amazing wealth. Additionally he racketed one foreigner on 35,000 USD.

In phone conversation Levan Mamaladze said to Rustavi2 – “new government carries out political oppression against me.”

January 12 – Businessman and head of Georgian Football Association Merab Zhordania has been detained. in 1 week he paid bail 742,000 GEL and was released

Jan 16, – Former Head of Georgian railways and one of top official of CU have been detained.

I will not step back while trying to establish Rule of Law – said Saakashvili, he added that anybody who is currently abroad should be detained and brought to justice!

“This is political repression and I will prove my innocence in the court – said Akaki Chkhaidze, but apparently he preferred later to pay the official ransom (rumors said – 10 million USD) and was released without any announcement in media.

Jan 17 – Ex-Minister of Energy – David Mirtskhulava was detained.

spent 8 years in prison, has been released only after victory of Georgian Dream – never admitted charges and never agreed to pay bail.

Jan 22 – Prosectioin announced charges against and search of PostBank President – Sergo Iakobidze

Jan 29 – President announced initiative on easing detention procedures for top ranked officials

Jan 29 – Council of Europe expressed concern over insufficient political pluralism in Georgia

Feb 4 – Transport Minister Merab Adeishvili was detained

Feb 9 – Several top ranked police officials were summoned at prosecution

Feb 10 – Opposition has expressed concern over liberty of expression

Feb 19 – Iberia TV independent company office was searched and owner accused in smuggling goods over custom

None of those accused admitted charges they all called their detention politically motivated…


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