Georgia, How Shall You Afford to Loose Your Offspring Anywhere?

Georgia, How Shall You Afford to Loose Your Offspring Anywhere?

This question full of pain, the question perhaps relevant since the times when Istanbul, Cairo and Damascus slave markets were full of Georgians, this question was unequivocally answered by the of Georgian “rose revolution” government, on behalf of so-called National Movement’s regime by President Mikheil Saakashvili, by Minister of Foreign Affairs Grigol Vashadze, by Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Zurab Kharatishvili. They answered not with words, but with their decisions, decrees and actions. They unequivocally stated:

– Surely! And Everywhere!

This year the Central Electoral Commission chose a very attractive slogan – “we reflect reality!” To understand the reality seen by Zurab Kharatishvili, mathematician by training, let’s one more time read the blatant lie that CEC, run by this mathematician, (re)presents as “reality”:

“CEC decided to set up additional polling stations abroad. CEC informed InterPressNews agency that the total number of active voters abroad is 42 613. Including 1 409 voters who as of September 10 are registered with the consulates. Based on this data, CEC decided to open additional polling stations in some countries.

The additional polling stations are being set up: – № 43 Polling Station – Spain, Barcelona; № 44 Polling Station – Canada, Ottawa; № 45 Polling Station – Ireland, Dublin; № 48 Polling Station – Hungary, Budapest; № 49 Polling Station – Portugal, Lisbon. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Central Election Commission resolution states that 42 polling stations are set up abroad.”

42 613 ???

Only 42 613 ?!!!

Apparently, if you trust Georgian CEC, there are only 42 613 Georgian voters abroad!

And apparently, by September 10, which means 21 days before the Election Day, only 1409 have registered with the consulates … In my childhood only my village Ternali had population of 1409 people… and it is not even a large village…

I would like to remind you that according to the data from the same CEC and Katsitadze run Voters’ List Verification Commission (VLVC, or ASDUC in Georgian, the entity turned into CEC appendix), apparently now there are 3,621,000 eligible active voters in Georgia. (one should account that in Soviet times Georgia’s population was 5.5 million with only 3.5 million registered voters!). This represents 81% total Georgian population of 4,469,000 novadays (estimated by the Central Agency of National Statistics). This is one of the highest rates of voters in the world! But in the country, where some villages and districts have more registered voters than there are people in fact living there, everything is possible!

But if we go back to Georgians living abroad, and ask how many Georgians have emigrated, it turns out that the government neither knows nor cares about it. The government members estimate about 300 to 500 thousand people … But the foreign international organizations quote totally different and much higher figures. For example, such reputable organizations as United Nations, World Bank and International Organization for Migration (IOM), estimate that since 1990 number of Georgia emigrants is permanently increasing (minor exception was 2005-2006, when the outflow was reduced). If the amount of Georgian emigrants in 2005 was approximately 1,025,000 (of which 634,000 – were living in Russia!), which was 22% of the country’s total population at that time, today according to the same organizations this figure stands at 1,1-1,2 million, which is 25.1% of the country’s current total population. This figure puts Georgia on 20th place, among the leaders in the world. In the post-Soviet countries, only Armenia is ahead with 28,2%.

We should also note that while Georgian government accumulates debt with gigantic steps and spends hundreds of millions of dollars (significant part of which lands backs into their own pockets) on dubious projects; while the foreign trade deficit reaches 4 billion dollars, or over 40% of the country’s GDP, the Georgian migrants are the ones who help the country’s economy to survive. According to the former Prime Minister Nika Gilauri, at least 25% of this negative trade balance is covered exactly by the Georgian migrants, transferring more than 1 billion USD to their relatives for the basic living needs. According to the unofficial statistics, livelihood of nearly fifth of the households in Georgia (where rampant unemployment is estimated at level 35-60%!) depends on the relatives living abroad. And these exact people, usually not having luxurious lifestyle abroad, but mostly poor women serving as baby sitters and care takers, while painfully missing their own children at home, these exact people supporting their families back home in Georgia, are cynically deprived of their most important civil right – voting right, by the criminal and corrupt government of Georgia!

Assuming that at least 1.1 million Georgians live abroad and CEC noted only 42 163 active voters, this means that the country, with 81% registered in-country active voters, gives voting right to only 4% of emigrants.

81% vs. 4%  !

How did the president Mikheil Saakashvili and his ruling gang achieve this?

Firstly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Vashadze has issued the resolution about required voters’ advance registration by consular offices. In 2003 this requirement was removed by Shevardnadze’s government. It is very interesting to note that in 2003 this barrier was removed under pressure of then opposition forces, including – Mikheil Saakashvili! But then entire society including emigrants were against Shevardnadze and were supporting Saakashvili. Now the situation has changed and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to restore the old restriction, in addition it allowed very short time for registration while ensuring that wide range of emigrants were not informed about it.

However, Vashadze’s next step was much worse and draconian – he has signed the decree which requires emigrants living abroad to provide a certificate of registration at their residence in order to be registered by consulates (Grigol Vashadze who grew and was trained in Soviet Russia turned out to be so amateur and inexperienced that he was not aware that the concept of registration at the place of residence does not exist in most Western countries. Later this phrase was replaced by another phrase “any documents proving place of residence”). Taking into consideration estimates of World Bank and United Nations, that nearly 75% of the Georgian emigrants are illegal migrants, providing any such document is associated with high risk of deportation!

By this Vashadze and Saakashvili cynically told the Georgian emigrants:

“You better stay at home and don’t come to vote, otherwise, remember we have signed readmission agreements with EU, so, you may say goodbye to your job abroad, to your painfully arranged nests, and instead of sending money each month to your relatives in Georgia in order to save them, face the same fate of unemployment and misery after deportation to Georgia!”

This is an open, undisguised, cynical – poisonous state terror against its own citizens, imposed by the servants  of Saakashvili regime.

And finally, when the protest movement of the emigrants spread in Europe and North America, Mikheil Saakashvili, Vashadze and Kharatishvili decided that the above measures were not sufficient and they chose Monday as an election day! While it was declared as non-working day in Georgia, this choice was specifically targeted to decrease chances for Georgian voters voting abroad and justify their own lie that there are less than 50,000 active voters in foreign countries!

Voting on Monday, October 1, is significantly more difficult for Georgian migrants, especially for those who are working, as they have to travel hundreds of kilometers to vote in the capital cities. Only 42 cities will open voting stations and even large cities, such as Munich, Frankfurt, Atlanta, Thessaloniki, Milan, Marseille, and many others, where several thousands of Georgians live, are left without polling stations.

Everything was “crowned” with refusal to open polling stations in Russia for “technical reasons”, which left approximately 600 – 800 thousand Georgian citizens without the chance to vote at all! One wonders what kind of “technical reasons” caused this. As we know, Swiss embassy is representing Georgia in Russia. Could the Swiss embassy/consulates open Georgian polling stations at least in 2-3 cities? Just in Moscow and St. Petersburg something between 300 thousand to half a million of Georgian citizens reside, whose votes will be lost!

However, success of Saakashvili’s United National Movement  depends on rigging these exact votes!

Exactly by excluding these people from elections abroad, Katsitadze’s discredited VLVC (ASDUC in Georgian) managed to inflate already quite inflated voters’ register in the country – inflated by deceased souls. The main objective of this Commission was depriving the existing migrant voters of their voting rights while creating legal basis for the votes of deceased souls domestically!

I’d like to address citizens living abroad, dozens of whom are my relatives, close friends and acquaintances :

Dear People! Georgian Citizens, deprived of the primary civil right – the right to vote!

This government (as well as the previous government) in most of the cases is the main reason of your unemployment, of your involuntary emigration, and your inability to return to your country! For 9 years now, this government is introducing universal terror, injustice and violence in the country! Having over 32,000 prisoners (#1 rate per capita in Europe!), over 72,000 people released by so called Porcess Agreement, over 150,000 probationers, and due to the racketing  imposed by the Georgian government on businesses, ordinary people, and on honest businessmen, due to expropriation of their lawfully owned properties, due to destroying their companies and farms, the investment climate is rapidly deteriorating during last years and you could not find a job and food in your own country, fell into devastating debt and were forced to run away to other countries! Or, if you had already gone abroad, this racket and creation of favorite business clans, monopolies and cartel agreements is the main reason for you not having a chance to return to your homeland, where unemployed and hungry relatives of yours are begging you to stay abroad and not to make yourselves as unemployed and vulnerable as they already are in Saakashvili’s “Hell called Paradise”.

Due to Saakashvili’s criminal regime the country is accumulating more and more foreign debt, which tripled in the last 9 years and exceeded 10 billion dollars! Meanwhile you are contributing to the economies of foreign countries, instead of having basic right to live and work at home!

While the government of President Mikheil Saakashvili is in power you will not have a chance of respectful return and finding a job into Georgia!

Mikheil Saakashvili’s government’s dream is to force every non-supportive to them, free-thinking citizen out of the country and instead of them bring-in foreigners who’s votes are guaranteed to go to them. This main objective explains “import” of unemployed foreigners as highly-paid English teachers, and import of numerous unqualified Turkish and Chinese workers and builders, which are even given free housing by the Georgian government. This main objective explains selling to Boer, Indian and Iranian investors farm lands at special – very low prices! Those lands, forests, and pastures, which were seized by illegally manipulations from the Georgian population!

Saakashvili’s regime supports devastating intrest rates imposed by the Georgian banks (3rd highest rates in Europe) on the citizen’s borrowing money from them and purposefully supports expropriation and transfer of citizens’ properties to the banks, which in return finance Saakashvili’s campaign legally or (mostly) illegally. If Saakashvili’s regime remains in power, it will start massive confiscation of private properties in the central districts of Tbilisi and other cities, demolition of houses and eviction of residents to the suburbs such as Potskhoetseri, unbearable to live in reservations!

In parallel to taking away your voting rights, Saakashvili’s criminal parliament passed unprecedented law which allows foreign citizens, who are not the same time Georgian citizens, to vote and to be elected on governmental and legislative posts. The interesting point is that they lose this right if they obtain Georgian citizenship. I would like to remind you that this government took away Georgian citizenship from Bidzina Ivanishvili, the biggest philanthropist of the last 15 years and offered him to run in the elections as a French citizen. Bidzina Ivanishvili has refused to take part in the elections without citizenship, on the unjust and unprecedented “legal” basis created by this criminal regime.

The political coalition “Georgian Dream” led by Bidzina Ivanishvili is a party which, if elected, will fully restore your legal rights, criminally breached at the moment by the Georgian government and you’ll have real possibility to come back to Georgia and to be employed there.

Dear fellow citizens!

If you do not get back your right to vote on October 1, go to the embassies and consulates to protest against the state terror!

Show the whole world that number of Georgians living abroad is not 42 613 but it is more than ten, twenty times this figure; these citizens are brutally oppressed by the criminal Georgian regime which deprives them of their voting rights.

Only in this way we will be able to convince the world that the pink “Potemkin-Facade Paradise” that Saakashvili builds by oppressing Georgian people, by humiliating them, racketing their businesses and forcing them into debt, imposing illegal tax fines, by forcing them to be emigrants, in reality, that “Paradise” is a simple lie, the plastic, ribboned and colored in pink by the Neobolshevik, corrupt criminal elite…

On October 1 – together we should save and return back to us our homeland!

Together we should free Georgia from the robber gangsters’ illegal unjust behavior! Georgia, which belongs also to each of you and to your children!

P.S.  Denied to vote abroad Georgian migrants return to Georgia for protest voting against Mikhail Saakashvili. They bring satellite dishes to protests Saakashvili’s media censorship policy.

Approximately 100 Georgian migrants from Italy, UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, France and Greece have crossed Georgian-Turkish border checkpoint at Sarpi on 2 busses on Sept 17th.

These are the migrants which due to special barriers arranged by Saakashvili’s Central Election Commission (CEC) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia have been denied a right to vote abroad. So now they decided to come back home and vote against regimen which excluded them from voters list abroad. They gathered in Istanbul and then came by busses. Their relatives met with applaud at Sarpi hailing their demonstration of protest voting.

Each migrant has carried out a satellite dish, which they brought for their relatives which are victims of Saakashvili’s pocket propaganda media. – We want our families to be well informed about Saakashvili’s deeds, they say.

Representatives of Georgian Dream movement also met emigrants at Sarpi.

Original story on Georgian and video at –


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  1. […] deeds, they say. Representatives of Georgian Dream movement also met emigrants at Sarpi. Read the full story here Attachment Posted on Mon, September 17, 2012 by filed […]

  2. Author ამბობს:

    სოლომონ, დაწერეთ ახალი პოსტი, რა! გასკდა გული 😦

  3. marknesop ამბობს:

    Thanks for the highly informative post, Solomon; I used it as a reference in a posting on my blog and have added you to my blogroll. The western press does not carry anything like this and is very biased in favour of Saakashvili, and a blog like yours is a real find. Your English is excellent.

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