Saakashvili-loyal official provokes opposition member Kakha Kaladze. Propaganda TV channels fabricate video blaming Kaladze in aggression

Saakashvili Propaganda methods of manipulation

Saakashvili Propaganda methods of manipulation

On July 12 Meeting in Karaleti where refugees from South Ossetia live in government built village, turned in most dramatic clashes so far between GD supporters and Saakashvili’s Zondercommandos leaded by MP Badri Basishvili. One of the well–known zonder – Gogi (Gogita) Gochashvili (on video in black cap and sunglasses), which is working for Gori Municipality, though his exact job remains unclear (apparently he and his friends are  paid simply for intimidating society)  and  who has beaten several journalists even before, has provoked opposition Georgian Dream member, famous soccer player Kakha Kaladze, which tried to calm down situation.

unmontaged video by Info9 journalists

Initially Gochashvili was blames GD leader Bidzina Ivanishvili and all GD movement in being pro-Russian and not helping them during 2008 August war. Kakha tries to calm down him and first it seems he is successful. But then Gochashvili suddenly says – “I have to say something to you directly. You lost your brother! Do you know why you havelost your brother? He was kidnapped, and you didn’t want to pay money, and theykilled him. You are guilty that your brother died!”

After that Kakha gets raged and swears Gochashvili. Then the clash starts.


Info about Levan Kaladze’s tragic death:

In 2001, Kakha Kaladze’s brother Levan, a medical student, was kidnapped in Georgia, with a ransom of $600,000 demanded. Georgia’s president at that time, Eduard Shevardnadze promised “everything is being done to locate him”, despite this the only time that Levan was ever seen was in a video where he was shown blindfolded and begging for help. The local media claimed that the ransom was paid by Kaladze’s family, although another source says that Kaladze’s father attempted to meet the kidnappers, who fled as they believed he was followed by the police. During Shevanrdnadze’s  term there have been lot’s of rumours Levan being held somewhere (including Svaneti and Chechnya being named), but no clue has ever being found. Family tried to meet different “informers”, some of them have been in fact swindlers, without any real information. Roughly four years later, on 6 May 2005, Georgian police officers found eight dead bodies in the Svaneti region and it was speculated that Levan was among the dead. That was soon after Government had one of the bloodiest operations in Svaneti – terminating Aphrasidze family of famous bandits (apparently at least one of them have been executed at spot after being injured and arrested).  Government (Interiors Minister Gia Baramidze was himself leading the operation) used excessive force – 4 helicopters and around 200 special commandos which made the whole village kept as hostages of the battle as heavy armament and rockets have been used to destroy Aphrasidze’s home. After that government was willing to justify the deed and said they found mass grave of Ahrasidze peisoners and among them Levan Kaladze’s body. However, forensic exams shown the bodies were buried some 80 years ago and belonged to family graveyard.  21 February 2006 was the date when Levan was officially identified among the deceased and buried without identification at Tbilisi outskirts, after tests from FBI experts. Two men were sentenced to prison for the murder:  David Asatiani for 25 years and Merab Amisulashvili for five years. Interiors Minister Merabishvili has received special thanks both from President Saakashvili and from mourning Kaladze family.


After reading this tragic saga of the one of the greatest soccer player you can imagine how meticulously targeted and how humiliating that provocation was. And it reached the goal – to make Kakha raged and swearing. That gave pro-governmental propaganda media chance to put the story upside down – how Kaladze and his guard assaulted refugees and attacked them!


This video compilation is done by Rustavi2 TV’s reporter – one of the most famous “journalist” Tamar Bagashvili, who for her devoted service for Misha’s propaganda machine will be named as UNM MP candidate in elections, rumors say.

Reporter’s voice says that Karaleti IDPs has been not willing to receive GD leaders. Kakha Kaladze came with armed bodyguards and provoked confrontation. Despite of request of local residents to leave the place peacefully, Kaladze and his guard have assaulted them both verbally and physically. And then video shows Kakha swearing, without showing prior episode when Gogi Gochashvili has provoked him.

Fabricated montaged video by Rustavi2 news.


On July 13 Maestro TV’s Politmeter talk-show anchor Nino Zhizhilashvili has compared both videos and it is obvious that Rustavi2 videohas been montaged in a way to hide the truth and present defenders as attackers. It is interested that other recorded videos have shown that not only Gochashvili but several other man also have been crying to Kaladze (13:12) – “You are traitor, you killed your brother… you sold your brother!” So, it is obvious that all that play was planned in advance and that was not just one man’s “accidental” blaming. 

Politmeter (13.07.2012) video (see the interesting timings in the text)

(from 10:24) – first shown the video which is fabricated, Kakha’s swearing is repeated 3 times for making effect stronger. But there is previous episode shown. The next video, which is not montaged, and belongs to TV9 channel, shows the whole conversation. How Gogita Gochashvili provokes Kaladze by accusing him beingguilty for his brother’s tragic death. (from 11:30). Nino also has shown the episode when Kakha Kaladze’s guard gets a gun. – it is obvious that there was stone rain directed to Kaladze and other supporters of Georgian Dream as well as journalists and guard was trying to defend Kakha simply by showing a weapon.

On July 13 afternoon one of the bodyguards of Kaladze  Tsotne Shengelia has been detained in Samtredia by police and his whereabouts were unknown for whole day. First relatives were told Shengelia was moved to Kutaisi, then it was said he was transfered to Gori – 150 km from Samtredia (that is usual tactics of Saakashvili police – to kep the relatives and lawyers uninformed until the court is already starting a trial!). Tsotne’s family, GD movement activists and lawyers demanded from Gori Police to disclose where Tsotne Shengelia was but they kept silence and were saying they don’t have any information about this person. Apparently Gori police simply has lied to family –Tsotne Shengelia was in that police building and the court session started at after midnight 1:32 AM of July 14 (as usually in Georgia, to start trials after midnigth and without notyfying defender’a family and lawyer – when it comes to opposition trials – for making it harder) and Tsotne is accused in hooliganism by (trial by administrative code maximum possible sentence 3 months!).

It seems, police will try hard to get admittance from Shengelia, that it was Kaladze ordering to shoot villagers. Saakashvili’s prosecution badly wants to arrest Kakha Kaladze.

This is Kafkaesque face of Saakashvili’s “democracy” – lie, provocation, intimidation, 100% criminalization of the government,- sentencing defender, awarding aggressor – WHO THE HELL MAY CALL ALL THIS DICTATORSHIP  A “DEMOCRACY”???!.

P.S. On July 14 MIA announced that 6 persons (3 from Saakashvili loyalist zondercommandos and 3 from Georgian Dream activists/Kaladze bodyguard have been detained). It is interesting that like in Mereti incident, when only GD supporters were beaten and taken to hospital, similarly after Karaleti incident several dozen people (among them 7 journalist)  were injured from opposition side and 13 (all GD supporters) were directed to GoriMed hospital. That shows that in both cases attackers were from Saakashvili’s loyalist side, but police in both cases detained equal numbers of clash particiapants from each side – 2-2 in Mereti and 3-3 in Karaleti. This facade “impartiality” of police serves only camouflage to Saakashvili’s injust justice system. It needs to be mentioned that GoriMed hospital head doctor was not willing to give injured patients discharge form which would serve them for later investigation until NGO representatives protest and rushed patients despite of more care needed to leave hospital immediately after initial examination by doctors.



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