10 Commandments for Western Politicians/Diplomats in Georgia

  1. If you see children in government, do not smile with excitement and joy. Children are good in kindergartens. Kindergarten in government might be a horror for citizens of that country.
  2. When you meet a Prime Minister or Head of Parliament, accompanied by one of the deputy minister or official of even lower rank, watch and listen carefully  that unknown person, as he clearly may be the one who holds the power, while the other might be simply a well-decorated joker (unless he was Minister of Interiors before).
  3. If you are a western diplomat and somebody asks you in front of camera whether government can remove opposition demonstrants by force after the time-limit given by authorities to hold a rally expires, do not dare to say a word, as later government will use unseen brutality, encircling and killing peaceful demonstrants in just 5 minutes after time ends, and you will be kept accountable as an Evil Master who authorized this massacre.
  4. If you see other western diplomats praising and worshiping Georgian government for their democratic deeds, great achievements and superhumanity, try to enquire whether those worshipers have received expensive jewels for their weddings, or high honor Ordains of Presidential Shining from the President before.
  5. Whether you read that there was a terrorist act against President and his honorable Guest from the most powerful partner country, ask whether the grenade used could have ever explode.
  6. If you decide to meet opposition, meet the parties one by one, as some of them are considering others as government satellites and when you will meet them, you will be surprised how verily so that assumption could have been.
  7. If you see the TV saying that country is flourishing, economics is booming, investors are pouring in and pensions exceed minimum basket several times, switch off that TV, go out and find out yourself what’s up – by speaking with people, speaking not with ministers, but with small merchants, with pensioners, with students, with patients, with refugees, with mothers, with doctors, with teachers, with engineers, with veterans, with disabled, with anybody who doesn’t work for the government. Do not be surprised to find out another truth. Don’t be even more surprised that there are no other job-givers in this country but government and their inner-circlers’ and families’ private businesses. If the pro-governmental channel says everything is just superb, be ready to evacuate soon due to any disaster or war which never will be announced in such channels.
  8. If you hear how much buildings were built by the government, how much roads were done, how much schools and universities, theaters and sport halls, military camps and police buildings were built or renovated, –  before you get amazed, ask whose money paid all that. Don’t be surprised to hear that man is now announced as Enemy of State by the government who sacked his finances endlessly before.
  9. If you happened to meet the Minister of Interiors, run immediately – as despite of his blue eyes, you are seeing the greatest mobster and sadist in front of you. If you happened to get in Georgian court as an accused, do not spend time on calling lawyers, just prey – that would help more, naturally.
  10. If you want to see the man who is the craziest, dresses craziest, acts craziest, behaves craziest, speaks craziest, spends craziest, do not try to look for some showman. Instead, go and simply ask to meet the President. You will find out then that Tupac was a man of wisdom, respectability, academic behavior and good taste! If you want to be hated by great majority of people in Georgia – Stand by Misha!













One Comment on “10 Commandments for Western Politicians/Diplomats in Georgia”

  1. Lela Vakhania ამბობს:

    Batono Solomon, gtxovt roca muza geqnebat datserot 10 (an tu sachiroa ufrom meti) mcneba romelic unda sheasrulos prezidentma misi archevis shemtxvevashi. am mcnebaze unda daipicos presidentobis kandidatma an opoziciis liderma. saxalxod unda daificos. ras gaaketebs da ras ar(!) gaaketebs. daificos ivanishvilma tu vinc iqneba am mcnebebze da tu ar shastrulebs, pasuxi unda moetxovos. mcnebebi konkretulad unda iyos gatserili.

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