Misha Unplugged!

on June 26th opposition block Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili and Chair of one of the party of his block – Irakli Alasania (Free Democrats) had a meeting with villagers of Mereti, which is Shida Kartli region, not far from Gori and South Ossetian enclave, occupied by Russians. There have been hundreds of villagers, willing to meet opposition politicians. Ivanishvili and Alasania, arrived in the village of Mereti as part of his pre-election campaigning.

photo: Ivanishvili meeting population in Shida Kartli

As one of the Georgian Dream supporters was talking to Ivanishvili, telling him about the need to restore territorial integrity, a middle-aged man approached saying, referring to Ivanishvili and his political allies “where they were during the war” with Russia. Then Ivanishvili himself approached a group of women standing nearby and one of them told him: “I consider you to be Georgia’s traitor… Putin instructed you to stir turmoil in Georgia”; another one told him: “Saakashvili is not only a president, but he is our God too.” Interestingly that lady had to admit that she was not from Mereti village, but from Gori, and specially came to this meeting to express her dissatisfaction with Ivanishvili and say that only Misha is good and God for Georgians, and that every Georgian agrees with her! ProSaakashvili Imedi and Rsitavi2 TVs have only shown the attacking remark of the lady without the part when she admitted she was not local. As Ivanishvili was talking with this group of women a fistfight erupted several meters away. Locals in the village, who support Ivanishvili, said that the fistfight was provoked by the ruling party drunk supporters, including employees of local government agencies.

photo: Saakashvili’s last hope to win elections – Zondercommandos

Several people have been identified – a Head of Gori district Rescue Team Kakha Lomidze, which brought all his servicemen to the incident site by wrong alarm, that it was a fire in Mereti! That’s how Saakashvili converts everybody – police, patrol, courts, Mandaturi service, teachers, municipality workers, and now also rescuers – from public servants – to his and his ruling party’s loyal servants. Besides rescuers, there were dozen wrestlers from Gori and nearby village Ditsi, and some illegal special forces which are in the so-called ZonderBriggade, leaded by MP Badri Basishvili, member of Saakashvili’s UNM party. Such  groups were formed after 2008 year conflict with Russia. As the local population is left with no sources for survival, Saakashvilil “agents” are offering to some of them payment for becoming protest-suppressing Zonderbirgades! These persons have regular payments and are given facilities to be trained in wrestling, and fist fighting. The most successful ones are sent to tournaments, but majority is simply used  to intimidate or even beat their neighbors whenever government feesl that is needed  to maintain power – aftrer election, e.g. Such groups have been often used by the government to punish and intimidate opposition supporters during 2007-2011 protests. Some of them are now have official positions at Cosntitutional Security Department (CSD). As the government has heard about Ivanishvili plans to visit Mereti, they rushed rescuers, sportsmen and  Zondercomandos to the village trying to portray that as confrontation between supporters and “local” opponents of Ivanishvili. In fact, nearly all opponents have been either party functionaries or specially brought fist-fighters.

Scene like this when a group of young men, chanting ‘Misha, Misha’ were appearing nearby to where Ivanishvili was holding campaign meetings with locals, were seen in several other villages in recent weeks, but the incident in Mereti was the first of this kind when it grew into a clash. And apparently it was well concerted provocation which was ordered from very top officials.

An official from the Interior Ministry said without any specifics, that probe was launched into the Mereti incident and several people involved were identified who would now face “measure envisaged by law.” Police later indeed detained 4 persons, but among detainees there were only 2 wrestlers (locals said there have been about 30 people who aggressively y beaten elderly people and women) and also 2 supporters of Georgian Dream movement, which have been taken from their homes by non-police dressed persons. That’s Saakashvili’s “justice” – when right victim gets arrested and convicted to be a suspect! That is what kills any slightest belief that this ugly unjust regime would ever do anything just and non-falsified! And “Without Justice – There Will Be No Peace!”

Several people, all – supporters of Ivanishvili, including a young woman – Lizi Shavlokhashvili, were taken to hospital for treatment. A male with multiple traumas was still there after two days.  As it was Gori Military Hospital which is closed for relatives, family took home Lizi, who had brain contusion. The relatives said, although doctors advised to keep their daughter at hospital, they do not trust facility, which is under 100% control of Saakashvili loyalists which would do whatever government would require them to do. TV9 journalist was assaulted and camera damaged.

The incident in Mereti came just day after President Saakashvili met with provincial governors and officials from the local governments and called them “to ensure unconditional commitment to democracy and legal principles, and to guarantee that this electoral process is really exemplary.” One can imagine, what kind of “unconditional commitment” in  reality Saakashvili was demandng from this loyalists – the result has been seen in just 24 hours.

Journalists have noticed that in just 200 meters from confrontation site there is Police post, but not a single policeman has emerged at the scene, when very strong fight emerged and several dozen people have been bitterly beaten.

Commenting on the Mereti incident, Parliamentary Chairman Davit Bakradze called for restraint ahead of the October parliamentary elections. He hinted that the fistfight could have been a reaction of those people, who were angry with some of Ivanishvili’s remarks, especially about the August war.

“I understand how difficult it is to hear from politician that ‘Georgia started the war’,” Bakradze said, apparently referring to Ivanishvili’s remarks made in November. [In fact, Ivanishvili said it was stupidity and arrogance of Georgian leadership which was responsible for war].  “I understand that these words are associated with the Kremlin policy… I want to call on the society and supporters of any political party to avoid any incidents in the pre-election period and to show restraint no matter how unacceptable remarks and position of a political group might be.” Indeed such cynical assessment sounds more justification of the violance, rather than distancing from it! Bakradze could have said the same by saying – “It was ugly confrontation and limitation of freedom of meetings, but this attackers in fact were right and we’ll see that again and again if opposition dares to appear there”.

However Bakradze has not iterated what kind of feelings should have Mereti villagers on the government which left them without any help during war, not only providing some transportation for evacuation but leaving them even without proper notice that Russian army was advancing! These are the people who were left behind, who were forgotten and are forgotten. So, naturally most of them  are not that charmed by Saakashvili, to call him “God”! But this majority is intimidated by those few paid paramilitaries.

Another similar accident happened in village Dirbi, but as there were not so many paramilitaries transported, it was less fierce and bloody. Meeting in village Tkviavi has been carried out withour complication (because there were no Zondercommandos mobilezed). The locals had interesting discussion about their problems with opposition leaders.

One more and very interesting case happened in village Doesi, Kaspi district. On June 24 there was meeting of local residents, which have irrigation water provision problem. The villagers can’t have their usual agricultural production as water supply is stopped year ago. Now they have heard, that there was nearly 30,000 GEL allotted to deal with that problem, but apparently money has leaked into local officials pockets. As angry population got a meeting in the village center, the local Gamgebeli’s (head of village office) nephew approached them and assaulted verbally, saying – “why you carry this rally, – is this a task Putin gave to you?” He and his friends tried to assure journalists, that there is no water provision problem. Villagers angrily protested that relative of thief of  public means shouldn’t cover his uncle’s dirty deeds by accusing others to be Putin’s servants and that Putin had nothing to do with their problem of water supply. Afterwards some confrontation started between government opponents and supporters.  Later police detained Tariel and  George Okhanashvili (father and son) and then took from Kaspi to Gori for trial (that is 30 km! while there is a court in Kaspi as well). Court has adjourned in secrecy and lawyers have not been allowed to enter the process due to “being late”(!). After being sentenced to 35 and 45 days of administrative code penalty in just few minute and without lawyers attendance, Okhanashvilis had been taken to custody to unknown direction! Only after 6 hours relatives have heard that the arrested father and son are in prison of Kvareli, which is 170 km East from Gori! All these show terrible injustice of Saakashvili regime and also fear against their citizens.

And at the end of day Saakashvili’s National Bureau of Enforcement seized 100% of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s shares of Kartu Group, 100% of shares of Kartu Bank and 21.7% of Progress Bank. What is amazing that officially neither Kartu Bank, not Kartu group shares belong to Ivanishvili!

But who cares – Misha is unplugged!

Today, newspaper “Alia” has reported that on June 14 Saakashvili’s mental health was worsened dramatically. After consultation he was taken to Vilnius and consulted by consillium of prominent psychiatrists. After nearly 7 hours of consultation and discussion the diagnoses drown was rather serious – Chronic Maniac-Depressive Psychosis.

Of course Presidential press-speaker denied that news with laugh and said Saakashvili is in such a good health that he will soon travel to BSEC forum and then to Brussels… Well, if he is not sick mentally, he is then sick legally, as he leads the country to confrontation and instability, he is trying to provoke citizens and carry out another exemplary blatant punitive operation in streets. He knows he can’t win fair elections, and he is ready to destroy the country, but keep a chair!

Saakashvili gets less and less controlled by any means of justice, law or common sense. He rapidly rolls down the same road as Mubarak, Ali, Gaddafi… It is obvious that he is incapable of being democrat – he is natural born autocrat, which has been good enough to hold democrat’s mask so long. What is even more regretful that American administration still doesn’t want to give up their hopes associated with “Beacon of Democracy” and “model of freedom”! But they can’t force the jackal to behave like a dove! And we should remember another wisdom of the wise man:

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” (MLK)



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  1. Nicat Quluzadə ამბობს:

    So we think that in Georgia everything is OK. Because I have been there some times. When I read your blog post about Saakashvili. It is very interesting… Thank you for information.

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