THE GREAT SIMULATOR – Mikhail Saakashvili as a prominent film director and his technique of Overlapping

 Saakashvili’s government is famous for staging different plays and shows to justify and decorate its “heroic” actions and denounce and blame the opponents – be they international or domestic. Usually such plays which people attribute to “Vano Pictures Inc.” (after the name of the Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili) appear not randomly but rather as a well timed attempt to overlap some facts and events unpleasant for Saakashvili’s government and move public’s interest from a real problem to a fake simulation. Since sometimes the response needs to be rather quick, for years Saakashvili came to idea that such “holy(bluff)wood” needs to be operational on 24X7 format to allow rapid and mind-shocking response.

The very first attempt of such an Overlapping happened in few months after Saakashvili’s first elections. Koba Davitashvili, a prominent member of Saakashvili’s team left the United National Movement and expressed strong disagreement with Saakashvili’s attempt to change the Georgian constitution in a way which would give (and regretfully later did give) nearly uncontrolled power to the president! For Saakashvili, being then a crowned prince of Democracy and a Wizard of transparency, such a blow was very painful, so he did act swiftly in rather unusual manner. That evening George Kenchadze, a quite unknown member of the ruling party was arrested in the State Chancellery building for a bribing attempt, the whole media switched their primetimes to cover that story and Davitashvili’s allegations towards Misha becoming a mini-Putin remained mainly unheard by the public. One year later that man, imprisoned and trailed without any information given to public and media (e.g. for whom the 100,000 USD was intended to be given), was secretly released. It was one day story – one news-killer bullet. It went well and Saakashvili discovered a brilliant way how to blind and deaf public. Apparently, he even had a meeting with his inner circle and advised to work on that tactics of overlapping. For every news there might be a killer the counter-news should be created – that was his invention.

The vivid example of such an action was internationally uncovered by Norwegian observers during 2008 election campaign in village Khurcha (Western Georgia), where Georgian government staged a play of “Abkhaz” shelling a bus, transporting the Georgian voters form Abkhazia to Georgia. The specially brought journalists were placed in advance like in theatre to watch a show. The Georgian government was willing to impress international society with showing how Abkhazians limit the rights of Georgian population, and whilst that is very true, there is no need to create faked evidences on that! The event called Khurcha accident was well documented by Human Rights Georgian office as “Machiavellian Conspiracy”, not only as an attempt to blame Abkhazian side but as an attempt to overlap the mass violation of the election process and voting happening in Tbilisi, Marneuli, Batumi,Kutiasi and elsewhere.

It needs to be emphasized that the American journalist who investigated Khurcha events has been beaten 4 times by Merabishvili’s men during 2 year period. Last time, just two days ago

Another astonishing example of Misha’s talented directing and performance was a show in Ganmukuri village, where after Russian peacekeepers assault on Georgian soldiers, patrolling local patriot camp, Misha appeared there as modern BraveHeart pushing by his chest armed Russian soldiers and shouting on Russian officer, threatening the Russian general in command of peacekeepers. It was an impressive show and one could question how the hell bodyguards would allow the president and command-in-chief of Army to engage in such a confrontation with adversary armed personnel if not a case it being a staged comedy.,9171,1930512,00.html
What a Brave Heart in fact Saakashvili is the whole world witnessed during 2008 August war, when he was chewing his tie or abandoning the French Foreign minister and running away like a rabbit after just hearing sounds of a jet’s roar.

During 2009 nearly 100-days protests MIA (Interiors Ministry)’s “Vano Pictures” released several clips for denouncing peaceful protesters. In one of the recording series, released March 25-31, the Ministry’s agent was trying to provoke some members of an opposition party (Nino Burjanadze’s Democratic Movement) to buy ammunition. The man, a “metaphysical philosopher” as he describes his background, with no connections to army, the man who was claiming that he would bring thousands of armed personnel to demonstration, was used as the main scapegoat. Another similar footage of a protester man in the tent, to whom another person, allegedly MIA agent again, which was filming the show, proposed to test a free narcotics, which he accepted. As it was noticed by lawyers and human rights activists, in both cases, the MIA movie-makers failed to remember or to know at all, that in such arrangements the proposer and seller of the arms or drugs must be seen as a prime criminal and prosecuted, and it is illegal for legal institutions to stage such proposer-initiated probes! What was the most interesting: first movie had been released 2 weeks before the mass protests announced date. Besides, as the Radio Liberty has noticed: “…it is also conceivable that the entire operation was intended at least in part to enhance the prestige of the Interior Ministry and to deflect attention from the controversial announcement that the prison sentences handed down to four of its staffers have been halved, and the men will shortly be released.”
In fact, sadistic killers of the Sandro Girgvliani were soon pardoned by Saakashvili after not yet serving even a half of their yet mild sentence of 6-8 years (to be compared: in Saakashvili’s Georgia the man still serves 9 years for stealing a little pig!)

During that hard-for-Saakashvili spring 2009 protests police has used non-uniformed gangs to attack and intimidate protesters. Several times such attacks were recorded. Despite of nearly 100 victims passing that silent terror not a single case was investigated by Georgian unjust justice system. Moreover, on May 6, June 12, and especially June 15 violent crackdown the police and/or plain-clothed policeman used rubber bullets, sticks and rocks against demonstrators. Police detained and beaten George Gachechiladze, oppositional celebrity singer and protest leader. Two protesters been blinded by plastic bullets, which was initially denied by Police spokesperson to be used. Later he even admitted, that the shots were targeted to the protesters heads, as “it was dark and police forces saw nothing but heads” (!). On June 15 even journalists were attacked by police and video equipment detained. Again, no investigation was held, only apologies were expressed by Police Deputy Minister.

But on June 19, the opposition members circled Parliament’s building and verbally assaulted some President supporter MPs. At the same time, several young men in black, which opposition claimed to be non-uniformed police, were throwing stones towards Parliament’s direction. The state televisions, ignoring the mass protests for weeks and never reporting respective footage of the police attacks on protesters, were timely invited to record and immediately aired such an outstanding “violent attack of protesters on Parliamentarians”. Although it is shown in media recording that the stone throwers the same time attacked peaceful demonstrators, nobody was questioned, whether that was a well-mastered provocation. Several ambassadors were also contacted and asked to express their opinions and US Ambassador John Tefft eagerly denounced opposition for this “violent attack” on Parliament. The coverage of that day event in National puppet-media was longer than of all 90 days of previous peaceful meetings and attacks on protesters. Interestingly that has happened few days before MIA Minister Merabishvili’s already delayed trip to Washington, DC. So instead of answering difficult questions regarding previous days clearly government-concerted attacks on protesters, Merabishvili enjoyed a luxury to speak mainly about that last event and “violence of protesters”.

On March 13, 2010 the whole world was astonished to watch out the fake Russian invasion report, prepared and aired without proper notification by the Imedi TV, one of the major Georgian TV. Later it was regarded as World’s all-time No.1 Shocking Hoax by the Time magazine.,28804,1931133_1931132_1972067,00.html
After the fake invasion report Internet forums placed a record of conversation between allegedly the Imedi TV directors – Director General Arveladze and his Deputy Tsamalashvili. In this conversation a man, allegedly Arveladze tells a woman (allegedly Tsamalashvili) that “Misha” (Saakashvili’s nickname) is against of putting warning on the footage, notifying the public that the report is fake! He says, “Misha” wants the maximum [shocking] effect of the report not to be diminished!

The government of Georgia has ruled out opposition’s proposal to examine the phone conversation, although such a probe was carried out by the New Rights opposition party and western qualified experts proved the recording to be genuine conversation, rather than artificially constructed of the fragments, which was Arveladze’s explanation of the case (by which he admitted it was his voice, but “cut-and-glued”, he said).

On May 6, 2010, Saakashvili declared May 6 (St. George’s Day in Georgia) – an anniversary of Police beating people outside Tbilisi Police HQ – as Police Day and held victorious Parade of Police forces outside glass-walled MIA building. Nearly 15,000 law enforcement persons outlined their loyalty to their Emperor, which sustained hard year of nearly isolation. Opposition and people have marched to the place trying to express protests, but were stopped by mass police forces nearby. Saakashvili and Merabishvili again staged the “drama” – Police officers suddenly have spilled the red paint on their uniforms and faces, mimicking “badly injured and blooded victims” of “violent protesters”. There are photos which show such astonishing “performance” of Merabishvili’s “artists”.


After Russian-Georgian conflict in 2008, change of administration in Washington and change of Ambassador in Tbilisi Saakashvili had hard time of nearly lonely year having not a single political meeting rather than attending some middle-level business meetings (of Catalan Businessmen in Barcelona which was on Spanish language), social events (mainly in Arabic world) and inaugurations (in Latin America). This time the Georgian government revealed unexpected desire to get closer ties with Iran leadership – most probably to attract international attention by such controversial steps. At the same time new wave of spy scandals were announced by MIA.

The several explosions during 2009-2010 took place in Western Georgia, and even outside US Embassy in Tbilisi.

On Nov 5, Georgian MIA arrested 20 people (later the number was down to 13) in a what was said major – several-year long counterintelligence operation. 6 military pilots of Georgian army have been detained, as well as some Tbilisi and Adjara based businessmen in operation called Enveri, by the name of double agent which allegedly Georgian intelligence contracted as early as in 2006! What was interesting that when it was announced in TV, the Rustavi-2 channel has offered a full-blown movie about Enveri operation the same evening, which means that intelligence officials were very interested in show not to be delayed. Another question was if the operation watched the traitors for so long time why the pilots were not arrested before – at least during August 2008 war – when they could have made significant damage to Georgian warfare and operational capabilities (and supposedly have done so!), as they were engaged in escorting Georgian army leadership, the movie said.

Nov 28 blast in central Tbilisi outside major opposition Labor party killed a citizen, living in the neighborhood, 58 year old lady. Another blast occurred in half an hour in the outskirts of Tbilisi, crashing the grocery store.
People were soon informed that another big terrorist team from Western Georgia was arrested and in the footage (ironically called by public Enveri-2) the Georgian layman with very low knowledge of any military issues (messing up different types of ammunition names) was telling by monotonous storytelling how the Russian army officer Zhenia had threatened to kill all his family unless he was carrying out terrorist acts in the whole Georgian territory. Interestingly, the terrorist has messed up the fence of US embassy with the other one of nearby cemetery (quite different types of fences one should mention. Ministry of Interior said that the main person, nicknamed “Kochoia” was still at large and promised more arrests to follow.

And finally, few days ago, the Kochoia was proudly announced to be arrested in Gali district. Abkhazians have expressed anger over what they called – abduction of a “peaceful peasant” from their controlled territory. But the most interesting televised event has again happened on Feb 23 evening and again at the Imedi TV station.
The journalists – Nodar Meladze (the one who took a 1 hour- worship-style personal interview with MIA minister 2 months ago, which many called start of election campaign by Merabishvili) and even more famous Lasha Kharazishvili (the anchor of that well-remembered Russian invasion hoax a year ago) appeared shaken but brave in the news program showing in a live action how policy was searching bombs at their offices and nearby! They were reporting – “15 meters from were we stand the police and miners are now eliminating the explosive, we don’t know what is it, but most probably – Hexogen!” Everyone I know was amazed – why the hell to keep journalists in 15 meters from the site of possible explosion? It was either fake or the police in Georgia simply takes no care of human lives!. Imedi TV reporter was stopping the passer-by people in the neighborhood and asking an incredibly wise question – “do you know what’s going on in the Imedi building?” The people were wondering – “we don’t know for sure but we have heard, it’s a bomb!” Apparently that was to document that some people in Tbilisi still watch the Imedi news which became outrageously unpopular since the fake war simulation. What was the most interesting in the footage, apparently arrested Kochoia said to police that he has thrown several bombs on Imedi TV territory nearly 4 months ago! And those bombs were planted in chocolate box, skimmed-milk can and juice package!! What a wonderful case in product-crisis-hit Georgia – nobody has touched such desirable items for 4 months! People were laughing at this miserable “invention” calling the nearly 12 hour footage Enveri-3, and many have noticed that all the search and massive road blocking happened not far – 1 km away from US Embassy  and just the same night when top officials of US State Department – James Steinberg and Phil Gordon came to Tbilisi.

Coincidence? You’d bet!..

Saakashvili was a Man on Stage for 2003-2006. He lost popularity at home and become an antihero in 2007. He bluffed the whole world by his “resignation” and two incredibly falsified elections in 2008 and with new term and 80% parliamentary majority mastered jumped immediately in the Russian trap of war in South Ossetia. Now he seems a person who everybody would be happy not to meet or speak – man of yesterday and with no future, man who does nothing but bluffs and invents some Munchausen stories about his great success and greatest future developments. The President, which sells anything (including farming lands to Africaner Boers for settlement in Georgia) hoping to collect enough money to pay to his last hope and savior – Police!
So instead of pretty innocent and kind Munchausen he turns to be a dangerous simulator. He wants to threaten the world by his illusions and although many of his illusions might be true, by inventing the cases and by cartooning them he simply damps even the realistic threats.

On Feb 11 Misha had live televised 75-min annual report to the Parliament, his speech was full of lies, exaggerations and unanswered questions about elite corruption, unjust and manipulated courts, pocket-puppet media, racketed businesses… After being interrupted 33 times by flattering applauds from his monogamous Parliament, he looked nothing else but youngish Brezhnev – mighty in lies and shaken in reality. Long time MP Gigi Tsereteli, who adjusted his true dedication and eternal love to every political party from Communist to United National Movement, found nothing better than to compare Mikheil Saakashvili with Ronald Reagan! Leaving aside the success of these two men and the place they have in their countries histories and countrymen hearts, one difference is crystal clear:


– Ronald Reagan was a Great Communicator (and he rests in history with this name if not many better ones!)
– Mikheil Saakashvili is a Great Simulator (and he will rest in history with this name, if not many worst ones!)





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